Your Hosts

     If you have volunteered at a previous event, you do not need to come to the volunteer training; however, please review the volunteer expectations, so you will be prepared for the event.  We continue to strive for improved communication to prevent any misunderstandings.
     Please arrive at the event by 7:30 am on September 8.  Report to either the Pond or the Range to register - whichever place you would like to serve.  Registration at the Range will be under the pavilion, separate from the participant registration.  Sign in and choose the area where you want to be, pick up a name tag, and then report to your work area.
     As always, we have a variety of areas which require volunteers.  When you register, please choose an area, and plan to stay there all day.  If you cannot commit to all day, then please let us know when you register, so we can find someone to cover for you when you leave.  Please check-in with your team leader and let them know when you are leaving or taking breaks.
     We are looking for volunteers to serve in three capacities this year at lunchtime.  First, we need volunteers to work the lunch lines, serving the food and condiments.  Second, we would like some people to assist with carrying plates and assisting the participants to their tables.  Thirdly, we are looking for volunteers willing to go around and assist participants in completing surveys during the lunch break.  The surveys are very important to us, as we use them to plan future events.  This is the only way we know what works, what does not work, and how we should plan for the future.
     We are also in need of people willing to help us set-up tents, tables, and chairs on Friday, September 7th, starting at 1 pm.  Please contact Eric Cote, Event Coordinator, at the Southwest Center for Independent Living if you are able to help with set-up.
     Furthermore, we always need help with take-down of tents.  The event ends at 3 pm, so if you can plan to stay longer, we would appreciate this as well. If you would like to come later in the day to volunteer, and then stay for take-down, this is fine, just let us know your plans, and we can place you in an area where someone had to leave early.
          Thanks again for your help in making the Day at the Range event possible.

Dear Volunteer,
     Thank you so much for collaborating with us for the 2018 Day at the Range.  A large part of the success of the event depends upon you - our volunteers.
     If you have not attended our Volunteer Training before, plan to attend the training scheduled Saturday, August 25, from 9 - 11 am at Southwest Center for Independent Living, 2864 S. Nettleton Avenue, Springfield. 

     Please review Expectations of DATR/OAF Volunteers, and then fill out the form or contact me.


    Volunteers are one of many reasons why this event has been so successful over the years.  Volunteers come from all areas of our community, local hospitals, students from area schools, colleges and universities, 4-H clubs, church groups, fraternal orders, etc.  Our volunteers do just about anything to ensure the disabled participants have a successful and fun filled day in the outdoors.
     Volunteers provide assistance in the Pond area from putting worms on hooks, casting, to taking their catch (fish or turtle) off the hook.  In the Range area, volunteers can be seen assisting in lining up a shot, to stabilizing a bow.  At lunchtime they can be seen assisting with carrying lunch to the table, opening water bottles, and feeding.
          We thank you - our wonderful volunteers for we cannot do this without you!