This clamp-on fishing pole holder keeps a good grip on the pole and makes the reel available for one hand operation. A rigid, heavy-walled PVC plastic tube 1.6" inside diameter x 6" long, holds the fishing rod handle while a slot in the side supports the reel and keeps it from moving while your fish is reeled in. 
The pole is easily removed from the holder. A clamp with screw and large wing nut make it adaptable to any tubular wheelchair bar 7/8" to 1-1/8" diameter. The holder is also a perfect fit for use on lawn chairs, beach chairs and sports wheelchairs.

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Spinning reel fitted with a strong, quiet, electric motor to enhance the fishing experience. It gives users the ability to manually hand crank the line in as well as retrieve it automatically with the touch of a switch. Users can fish longer without fatigue, have more options and techniques for catching fish and generally enjoy fishing even more. The reel can easily be used by left handed people. Because of the way the system is designed, tightly integrating the reel into the plastic housing, the manual crank handle cannot be moved from the left side of the reel to the right side. However, the crank arm does not interfere with someone holding the rod in their left hand while using the electric motor. We have many left handed only folks using the reel without any problems.

What is Lend-A-Hand®?Lend-A-Hand® is the first and only universal assistive device. It has been developed by Even Par Enterprises, Inc., to help the physically challenged and able-bodied individual. It helps provide additional arm support, leverage and strength while raking, painting and other day to day activities. Lend-A-Hand® is a patented assistive device. Once put on, Lend-A-Hand® increases mobility while decreasing the strain off of the individual’s shoulders, arms, back and legs. Lend-A-Hand® helps allow the individual to play golf, wash cars, paint, rake, sweep and wash floors, go fishing and endless other activities and duties.

Holds all four styles of rods: bait, spin, spin casting, and fly. The body frame is made of strong molded plastic. The underside is padded with a soft foam rubber padding for added comfort. Suspender-like harness is made of strong webbing with an easy on/off buckle. The adjustable insert grips to the rod so you can play the fish with one hand. Available with buckle (specify) on the right or left side (RH101), or buckle on both sides for the rehab setting (RH102). Will not work with pistol grip.

The RECEIVE-ALL is an adaptive device that can give new possibilities to some people, or less pain and fatigue for others. The RECEIVE-ALL system consists of an Arm Brace and an Adapter. You simply attach an adapter to the item you wish to hold; fishing rod, garden tool, the possibilities are endless! That item can now be attached to the Arm Brace that is secured to your forearm and hand, giving you control of that item. Only one Arm Brace is needed to be able to use an unlimited number of items. Items can be left in the Adapters and ready for use.

The Strong-Arm is a unique, hands-free device that eliminates wrist fatigue while giving you total rod control with continuous rod feel. Its patented design redistributes your fishing rod’s weight to your forearm, bicep, and shoulder muscles, allowing your hand and wrist to completely relax. The Strong-Arm is perfect for all ages and is compatible with all standard-size fishing rods.

The 452-PTH has been designed to enable individuals who are physically challenged to enjoy the sport of fishing without assistance. Engineering know how and fishing experience used developing offshore fishing products has been applied to the design and development of the most powerful drive ever put on a spinning reel, the 452-PTH. Unlike other electric spinning reels which leave the angler discouraged at not having enough power to land pan fish, the 452-PTH has the power to easily overcome largemouth bass, small mouth bass, brim, crappie and other freshwater species without the need to assist the motor by cranking.  Equipment description is provided by Ele-tra-mate.