Your Hosts


     Fishing (license is not required for this event), target shooting with air pellet guns, .22 rifles, shotguns, cross and compound bows, wildlife education classes, crafts, and demonstrations from other people with disabilities on possible outdoor activities.
     This annual September event is free of charge to all participants, family members, guests, and volunteers.  All equipment is provided, including fishing poles, guns and ammunition, bows and arrows, adaptive fishing belts, strong arms, gun rests for wheelchairs, interpreters for the deaf, and aides for those who need one-on-one attention.
     Opening the doors for people with disabilities could lead to fulfilling dreams and moving beyond boundaries which are placed on them.  It is our hope many people will know their dreams can come true - if they will dream, and then act upon those dreams.​
     At the range, you will find the following activities:
                       Adaptive Hunting                             
                       Adaptive Outdoors 
                       Building Bird Houses & Feeders

                       Bugs / Reptiles
                       Critter Coats
                       Fun with Rocks
                       Local Bird Identification
                       Local Plant Identification
                       Shooting – Air Pellet Guns
                       Shooting – Shotguns

                       Shooting – .22 Rifles

                       Slate Turkey-Call Making
                       Wing-Bone Turkey-Call Making

                       Outdoor Crafts

     At the pond, you will find the following activities:
                       Basic Fishing (CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY)